Playing, basic need of Children

Sometimes, we feel so disturbed with our kid’s scream when they play near us. Don’t be angry or ask them to be quiet and sit beside us for hours. Naturally, they have different needs and we can not force them to follow our behavior. People said “Children are about Playing”. It is totally true, they have basic need to play. Not just as seen, this activity is not just waste the time or doing useless things, they also learn and study everything from their environment.

Playing is all activity that we do to get happiness, without mind why or how to do, it just about enjoy the time with or without toys. This need is very important to boost and support their improvement, development and intelligence. A result of research proves that children growth is driven by three factors ; genetic, nutrition and stimulus.

Genetic factor is a natural gift, inherent and specific from other individual. This is a basic pattern to determine their personalities and characteristic, such as behavior and physical appearance. But this factor is not sufficient to support their growth. The second one is nutrition, or also called nourishment or aliment, is the provision, to cell and organism , of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. Nutrition is very important to ensure kids from disease or suffer from malnutrition. The combination of genetic and nutrition factor can be stronger and effective when we give stimulus with various method and equipment.

Stimulus is a detectable change in the internal or external environment. The first and natural method of stimulus you can do is give your kids keep playing with their toys. This activity will help them improved. Here are the advantages of this activity :

Physic : Playing activity is a good method to keep their healthy, because it needs movement and stimulating their muscle and bones.

Communication : When they are playing with friends or parents, it will stimulate their ability to convey what their intend or willingness and their opinion about something. It will improve their communication ability.

Socialization : This is a common need of human, they need other people in their life. Playing is a smart choice to learn how to interact with other, and in early age it will easier to form their personality.

Concentration : Playing games, our children are going to learn how to solve a problem. Tey need more concentration to find the solution.

Learning : Playing activity is about learning new and fresh things, they can observe more knowledge when we give a free time.

Creativity : When they meet an obstacle and cannot solve it, just let them to try to find a new way of finishing. Don’t give your common answer instead, it will stop their creativity.

The lack opportunities to play in childhood can affect their growth. It also disturbs their personalities improvement. So, don’t take a second mind to let your children playing with their friends, even when they scream surround you.


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2 respons untuk ‘Playing, basic need of Children

  1. This is a great article and it really highlights the many benefits of playing for children. Let Kids Be Kids is about combating the restrictions placed on kids playing through banning of games and sports. We try to expose stories of schools and other institutions banning games and articles like this reinforce the reasons behind our fight against the nanny state.

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